Silent Auction

Those of you who have been to IFCO Conferences before are no doubt familiar with our IFCO Silent Auction. A silent auction is a variant of a charity auction. It is called a ‘silent auction’ because all the bids are written. While donors are bringing in items to donate for the auction, bidders place their bids in writing on bidding sheets put in front of the items. Every bid entered on the sheet must be higher than the previous bid. The highest bidder at the end of the auction buys the item.

Donors can bring their items to the Registration Desk with them, where a volunteer will be on hand to either take their item from them, or show them to where the IFCO Silent Auction will be held. We invite IFCO members to donate items that may represent their country, or their culture, or what foster care or family means where they are from.  

The IFCO Silent Auction is open from 12:00 on Tuesday 26th August, until 17:30 on Thursday 28th August at Rooms F06 and F07 (near the Gallery Restaurant). Items can then be collected at the final coffee break on the final day (Friday, 29th August). Please ensure you bring your items with you as we cannot be responsible for sending them on afterwards.

All of the money raised from the auction will go directly to support IFCO’s activities. The donors who bring in the items for the auction receive no part of the money. We look forward to receiving your generous entries for the now traditional IFCO Silent Auction.

The more gifts we have, the better the Silent Auction will be!